⚡ Automatically search for/create a client folder in Google Drive and duplicate a Google template document using Process Street & Zapier

Hey peeps!

Do you need to…

  • search for an existing client folder in Google Drive (or create a new one if none exists)
  • create a copy of a templated document for the client
  • move the new document into the folder
  • share these links to your team working with the client

Now, these may seem like easy tasks but they are manual and can take up time. You can be easily automated them using Zapier! :zap:

Zapier can help locate the folder, create and move your new document, then populate your Workflow Run form fields with the URL links to them so they can be easily accessed by the team working on that Workflow Run.

Here’s a video showing how this is set up and how it works in Process Street and Zapier.



Love this :heart:

Using Zapier to create folders or documents in Google Drive can be so useful! When you combine this with a Google Sheet or Google doc template… things get super fun as you can then populate the template with information from a workflow run :partying_face: