Our Make App Just Got a Whole Lot Better!

If you use Make for integrations, we have good news for you!

We’ve taken control of our app and improved how you interact with your Workflows, Workflow runs, tasks and form fields.

What’s new?

  • Select your Workflows, Workflow runs and tasks from dropdown lists
  • Assign a user to a Workflow run (in Create Workflow run and Update Workflow run modules)
  • Set or remove Workflow run due dates
  • Change the status of a Workflow run (active, archived, completed, deleted)
  • Automatically turn on the Workflow run share link
  • Improved search for workflow runs (partial search for names and form field values)
  • Get Workflow run form field values (new module)
  • List Data Set records (new module)

Note: These updates will only show in new modules you create. Existing modules can be updated to the latest version however, you may need to re-map connections to other modules.

Learn more about integrating your Workflows with Make.