Our Zapier integration got more options for you

Hello, community! If you’re a fan of automations, we have exciting news for you :smiley:

We’ve added a new Zapier action and two new triggers to help you create efficient workflows.

With the Update Task action you can:

  • Set a task status to Completed (i.e. checked)
  • Set a task status to Not Completed (i.e. unchecked)
  • Set a task due date

The Task Ready trigger will trigger actions when:

  • A workflow run starts. It will fire for each task that is not stopped, is not hidden, and is approvable (if it’s an Approval Task)
  • A task is shown by a conditional logic rule
  • A task is no longer stopped
  • A task becomes approvable (i.e. when all tasks the Approval Task is approving have been submitted for approval)

You can now also use the trigger when a workflow run is completed to create your zaps.

Learn more about our Zapier integration here.

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Thanks for sharing Monica! These new options are a game-changer!

This will be incredible and provide a more efficient way to complete processes even more!