Taking actions on Process Street directly from Outlook

I’ve managed to send emails to specific people assigned to tasks on Process Street using Power Automate once the previous task is completed.
What I need is to enable them to take the actions/complete their task from the email directly without using a link to go to Process Street. This is available already on Microsoft Teams so is that available on Microsoft Outlook?

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Hi @ashrafhelmy,

I don’t believe this is available on Microsoft Outlook, but would love to help assist you come up with a workaround. Could you please just give me a little more information on the use case?
If you can, please upload a Loom video explaining the use case and what you are wanting to accomplish. That would be super helpful. Thank you!

Currently, if it’s an approval task they will be able to approve/reject directly from the email, all other tasks they will need to enter the app to complete.

We recently released the ability to check/uncheck tasks via the API and are working on adding this to Zapier. This could technically let you create a webhook link that could check off a task, but it’s rather complicated to set up and we don’t have this update on the roadmap for Power Automate in the short term.