Using Automations

Keeping organized can really help you focus on the key jobs that matter. That’s when automating tasks can help clear your desk and let the robots take over some of the manual labor for you.

Here’s a series of automations that my colleague Blake set up for when we’re working on creating and running webinars.

We’re using Airtable, a Process Street checklist (of course!) and Google Slides & Folders.

Airtable -> Webinar Process: When a card in Airtable of type Webinar is moved to the ‘Working on’ status, a checklist will be run in Process Street. This checklist then runs the rest of the process, from initial planning/scheduling through marketing, deck prep, practice, execution of the webinar, and then follow-up.

Webinar Deck and Folder Creation: When the ‘Generate Slide Deck’ task is checked off of the Webinar Production checklist, a new folder is automatically created under the proper year folder labeled with the webinar title. This Zap isolates the year of the webinar, finds a folder that matches that year, or creates one if not found. It then creates a sub-folder under that folder titled the same as the webinar. Then, it creates a new webinar deck based off of the webinar template I created, fills it with the presenter and webinar title, and moves it into it’s newly created folder. Finally, it updates the checklist with a link to that new presentation.

Move to Completed: When the last task is checked off, the card in Airtable is automatically moved to No Update Needed.

I especially like this set up because of the folder search and creation step - if a folder for a certain year doesn’t already exist then one is created.

We’ve also replicated some of these steps in our Help article creation process, to match up and update the respective Airtable record once the checklist is complete.

Got any automations you’re particularly proud of and feel like sharing? Post them below!