Assigning groups to tasks using Zapier

A compelling function of Process Street is the ability to assign people or groups to tasks. This is easily accomplished in the platform but you may have a need to assign a group to a task in Process Street using Zapier. (For example, you may want to assign a specific task to the “IT” group when specific task is completed)

To assign a task to a group using Zapier… follow the steps in the video below.
(Looks like the video below is freezing after a few minutes for some viewers… Click HERE to view the full video if you encounter issues)

Hey thanks for this - I think you’ll want to check the video though as the wrong screen is showing throughout the demo :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting us know about the video issue @techgirl

For some reason, the video content is freezing after a few minutes :thinking:

If you watch the video HERE it should play without issues :+1: