Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to the community! We’re glad to have you :slight_smile:

You are a groundbreaker, and as such, we want to know more about you. Please comment below with your name, location, company, position, and favorite thing about Process Street!

Then, go back through and reply to anybody else that peaks your interest. We’re here to make friends, so let’s do just that.


I’ll break the ice.

My name is Blake Bailey and I’m the Customer Success Team Lead here at Process Street. I was the first person hired at Process Street to do Customer Success and have had the joy of getting to build this team over the last three and a half years.

In my role, I build and manage the internal CS operations/processes/automations, manage the brand new Customer Education Team, and spend some time as an Enterprise Account Manager.

Personally, I live in Hickory, North Carolina, about an hour Northwest of Charlotte. I live with my wife, our Golden Retriever MoMo, and our two cats Geo and Molly.

My favorite thing about Process Street would have to be the ability to automate things. If you know anything about me, you know that I hate manual labor and do automate nearly everything in my life. Process Street makes that easy.

Alright, now you!


I’m Diego, from Rivals Creative based out of New York City! I’m new to, but already a huge fan! Excited to learn more each day and implement this with our company :blush:


Pete Candelario here from San Antonio Texas. We are a property management company and we use Process Street for all the different parts of the rental process (tenant onboarding, property make ready, move-in, move-out, etc.)


Hi all. I’m Alex Brunner from Switzerland. I am working for a company specialized to implement erp software specific to lawyers and I try to digitally support all the processes in our company by using your tool. I’m head of software development and CTO and I just love that tool. I look forward to create wonderful ideas with all of you. Kind regards from Switzerland.


Hi this Nadine from Parent we are a managment software solution dedicated to preschools and Nurseries. I am the Head of Growth handling the outbound and inbound leads and CS dpt. Customers onboarding and satisfaction is essential in our type of business.
I look forward to brainstorming with all of you😁


I am Andre de Villiers (ex South Africa) now living in glorious rural Ireland (Co.Roscommon) and thanks for the great presentation. I run a Digital Marketing Agency called with most clients in the real estate sector in South Africa.


Michelle here - I am located near Madison, WI and work for Improvizations - I’m a Project Coordinator. I have 3 cats, Ellie, Toothless and Flash.

I enjoy Process St because it allows me to keep everyone accountable on next steps!


Thanks for the webinar!

I am in the Financial Services industry and we have been using Process Street for about a year now and are loving it.

Time to understand and use more of the capabilities.

Does anyone know of a Process Street consultant or someone we can hire to help build out our processes faster and to look at our current process and give us some constructive criticism to make them better.

Thank you to all of you on this channel … here is to helping each other succeed in helping our clientele and other stakeholders!

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Welcome Diego! :slight_smile:

Welcome Pete!! I’ll let you in on a little secret, we’re going to be creating categories for Project Managers here next :smiley:

Hey Alex! That’s super interesting, I’m definitely interested in hearing more about how you use the tool.

Welcome Nadine! Now that’s a pretty cool use-case!

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I’m Paula and I live in Reston, VA. I’m co-owner of Human Factor, where we primarily make podcasts for trade associations. We’ve been using Process Street here since 2017 to help us track our production process and keep track of what needs to be done to get every episode out on time and top quality.

Glad to meet you all and have a community to share ideas :slight_smile:

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Aw thanks Andre! I’m glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Welcome Michelle! Glad to hear you like the platform, but I already knew that since we’ve worked together, happy to see you here too!

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Hey! Glad you enjoyed the webinar :slight_smile:

We have recently started offering consulting services through our Customer Success department. We try to offer as much help as we can for free through Customer Success, but if additional work is required it is currently billed at $75/hour. You can request a consultation by emailing and mention consulting.

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Hey @TFA - would love to hear about your experiences if you do find someone to help with processes. I do all of mine myself, but sometimes it can be time consuming, so it might be nice to farm some of it out to a trustworthy consultant.


Hello everyone and thanks for joining. I’m Jason and I head up the Customer Success and Support department at Process Street. Prior to Process Street, I was the Chief Customer Officer for a Learning Management System. I’ve been in Customer Success since the early days!

Personally, I am days away from moving to Puerto Rico from California with my wife, two kids and as little stuff as we can manage to take.

As you can imagine, our team (most of whom are on here now) uses Process Street extensively in our day to day Customer Success functions. We also see thousands of other uses with our customers. If you have a question about how best to address Customer Success with Process Street, just let us know. Likely someone has a good idea. Likewise, if you’re using it in a special way, we’d love to learn from you.

We’re excited to meet you all.