Introducing Process AI: Revolutionizing Workflow Management with AI

Happy Tuesday everyone :wave:

We’ve got some exciting news to share…

We’ve just launched Process AI on Product Hunt and we’d love it if you could show us some support! Head over there and take a look, and please post a comment if you’ve enjoyed using Process Street or have any questions, we’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!



Hi @kashish1
Love this direction. It’s been good to play with but not as useful as so far hoped. Perhaps you’re using ChatGPT 3.5? Not looking for a response here as I’ve already posted suggestions to feedback, but I’d love to see more general conversation about successes so far from the community!

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Hey Bryan, thanks for jumping on here.

Can you share some of the specific prompts and the results you’re getting / hoping to get?

Hi @vinay , oooh that’s a good question. It’s been almost a year since I dove in, and I’ve not tried since. I did post q’s and ideas to support/feedback, and talked a bit with @Ellie about it. The main thing I remember is that 3.5 wasn’t that useful either for creating a workflow or anything else :slight_smile:, and I was hoping for more current, albeit likely more expensive, version.

@kdesilva I know you tried to use it in a few creative use cases. Ideas here?

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I was trying to cheat the system a little bit and make it do straight computer programming but since AI can make the same mistakes as a human, it wasn’t accurate 100% of the time. If there were some kind of constraint system built in, that would make it way more useful to me. Something like Midjourney’s creative freedom parameter.

My prompt was something like this:

If {{ form.field1 }} was true, then copy text from {{ form.result1 }}.
If {{ form.field2 }} was false, then copy text from {{ form.result2 }}.

This would then supposed to copy the correct variable into the AI result field. It worked correctly about 50% of the time. I ended up making a Power Automate flow that does it perfectly now.

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When we launched we used 3.5 because that was all that was out, but we upgraded to 4 when it became available sometime ago

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Interesting. And your form fields output are “true” and “false” or are you asking the AI to determine what is true or false?

Do you get different results when you punch the values directly into chatgpt?

@vinay I figured as much. And bad me I’ve not gotten back to playing with it much since. Been doing too much consulting for your Clients :slight_smile:


That was just a super simple version of what I was attempting, but it didn’t seem to matter however I was prompting it. Trying it again with gpt4 yielded perfect results, but I have a feeling the variables in process street tripped it up a bit. I also made a mistake in the above code, in reality it was {{ form.field1 }} for both, not {{ form.field2 }} for that second If statement.

Here are my results in Chat GPT4

Tried a lot of different things here as well to do a more advanced calculation. The answer was almost never correct. Most often resulted in 27490 instead of 27390 (the correct answer).

Again, GPT-4 had no issues:

Did you try the math function vs a text prompt?

I couldn’t figure out a way to do a three-step math problem without using multiple AI tasks and intermediary fields. I also need more than three steps in some cases.

Edit: This worked, but could get pretty insane in a real process.

Edit 2: I wasn’t really expecting the custom prompt to work originally, it’s just interesting that regular ChatGPT-4 works just fine but can’t seem to access the same abilities within More something for your engineers to solve!