Lease Renewal processes

Lease renewals are likely one of your many core processes as Property Managers.

In this blog post, my colleague Alex runs through the lease renewal process, breaks down what it involves, explains how a smooth process benefits your firm, provides tips for handling key components like raising rent, negotiating, and evaluating the suitability of month-to-month leases.

Plus… it includes a video of one of our previous Property Management webinars and links to some templates that you might want to use in your business. You can also find more templates in our Knowledge Base and, when you’re logged into Process Street, in our premade template library.

How do you handle your lease renewals?
What are your best practice tips and tricks?
Which features do you utilize in Process Street to give your checklists superpowers?

Feel free to share your templates, suggestions or any tips you have with the rest of the community!

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We are looking for ways to automate our lease renewal process and would love any great tips or tricks that other Property Managers Have.


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Hey Maura!

Please post this as a ‘New Topic’ so that others will be notified and will be more likely to respond, I’m sure some have some ideas. In the meantime, here is a video I just posted that might help: