Maintenance and Repair processes

Maintaining properties, liaising with repair teams, owners, associations, cleaners and tenants can become a real juggling act.

Luckily, you can build out workflows inside Process Street that can help you manage all of this, and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks (no pun intended!)

You can invite external people into your Process Street account to work with you on checklists or tasks. If they’ve not used Process Street before then you can share these helpful articles with them, on how to use Process Street as a Member or a Guest.

Think about how your tenants could click on a link on your website or management portal to report maintenance that needs doing directly to you. It could be as simple a process as this three-step reporting checklist. Learn how set this up by creating a checklist run link.

Or perhaps you need to loop in a repair team and a cleaning crew to handle an apartment building maintenance process?

Or maybe you need to coordinate maintenance with a Home Owners Association?

If you’re already using our checklist scheduling tool to run monthly or yearly recurring maintenance and repairs, then great! If not, then I suggest you check it out - you can set your checklists to run automatically, whenever you need them…