🎙 Stop DOING so much -- Exclusive interview with Mike Michalowicz, author of Clockwork

If you lead a team and any of this is true…

  • You are working hard but not experiencing the momentum you expect

  • Too much of your work is reactive versus proactive

  • You’re putting in what feels like non-stop hours while carrying the weight your team on your shoulders

…then definitely watch this interview with Mike Michalowicz

Mike is the author of Profit First and Clockwork, and we talked with him about DESIGN TIME. This conversation is all about how you step out of the drowning-in-too-much-to-do-yet-more-keeps-getting-piled-on trap and into steering-the-ship-and-everything-runs-like-clockwork zone.

:arrow_forward: :arrow_forward: :arrow_forward: Click here to watch the 29 minute interview

What are your biggest takeaways? Let’s discuss!

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I love Mike’s suggestion of extracting yourself from your team’s operations just a lil bit by bit at a time as a great way to test your clockworking efforts.

Another takeaway was having literally everyone do this, not just the CEO or team leaders. What a way to relieve pressure from every person, knowing the rest of the team has your back.

I loved the analogy of looking at your job as a game of chess. It totally makes sense when you look at it that way.

I also agree with you Anne, knowing that everyone is doing this takes the pressure we get when we do decide to take a vacation.

Great webinar!!!

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YES @Jordan_Michaelis! The chess analogy was great. It makes sense to take time to strategize in chess yet in our fast-pace go go go society we place too much value on constant doing.