Task permissions

We are experimenting with the new “My Work” functionality, loving it so far! We have however encountered that the tasks doesn’t inherit the permission level of the workflow. We are able to see tasks that are connected to a workflow with “No access”, although we can’t see the actual workflow run or the tasks configured within the workflow, the additional tasks are visible.

Is this intended or a bug?


Hi Daniel thanks for getting in touch about this. Can you tell me if those attached tasks are assigned to users or not? If you’re able to make a quick screen recording for us that would be really helpful, thanks

They are attached to users. So I can see the tasks through the “My work” by either selecting them as user or a group that said user is part of. I’ll try to record later. Since I am admin, it’s hard to demonstrate, but I have tested it with other members as well.

So for example to test it, I set up a new private workflow (that should only be visible to me) with only one task which is given “no access”. To this workflow, I can then attach stand-alone tasks, that are by default assigned to myself upon creation.
Other people can then see my task, in my private workflow, by choosing my name in the “My Work” tab (or a group that I am part of). If they attempt to go to my workflow though, they are redirected to the Library.

OK thanks for the extra info. This is actually intended behaviour, since it’s possible to be able to see a task but not the run it’s attached to.

Hi Daniel,

Glad to hear you’re getting a lot of value out of My Work!

Attached task don’t inherit the permissions from the run. This was an intentional decision to allow users to attach tasks to run for someone to do without having to give access to that run.

That being said, we could improve the user experience and disable the link to the run to make it clear they don’t have access to the run. I’ll pass that on to the team.


Thanks, sounds reasonable! I have also gotten the feedback that people want to see finished tasks, so I guess I should pass that on as well :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work, I have gotten a very positive response to introducing Process Street :smiley:

Hi Daniel, you can now see your finished tasks in My Work with the new Completed Tasks filter. :sparkles:

Awesome! Thanks for the update :slight_smile:

Hey Daniel, unfortunately, we found a bug with the Completed Tasks filter and had to roll it back. But we’ll work on polishing it and release it soon.

Thanks for the update, looking forward to it being re-released :slight_smile: