You can now set 'view-only' task permissions

Task permissions are a great way to regulate who has access to view the information in your workflow runs.

We’ve updated our task permission settings so you can have granular control over your tasks.

  • With View-only permission, your users can only view the information in a task without the ability to edit it
  • With View and complete, users can view the task, edit the form fields, and complete the task
  • With No access, users will not be able to view a task, let alone edit or complete it

If you have already tried the new settings, let us know how it helped you in the comments below!

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The view-only tasks permissions is great! I set them on our training workflow so that new employees could view only the tasks that the managers are assigned to complete.
Does this work with assigning groups of tasks at one time? I didn’t see that option.

I just noticed this yesterday and am already using it to keep people from completing someone else’s assigned tasks. Great addition and much needed.

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Hey there, I’m happy to know that you’re already using this feature. However, you can’t set this permission for groups as of now.