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What new features or upgrades would you like to see in 2023? Add your feedback



I’d love it if there were a field where you could add multiple email addresses and people rather than having to add new fields for each person. The UI could be similar to when you add an email address into the “to” line of an email template. Either add commas between each address or they each become their own block that can be removed if you change your mind. Would help clean up workflows a ton!


Thanks Kelli, I’ve noted this. Also thanks for setting up this topic :eyes:

Thanks for sharing, Kelli! I am curious what your use case is for this. Would you mind sharing?

I would love to see a concept of form “components”. Something you can select from the form fields, that is by default, a group of fields. For example, we plan to use Process Street for Inspection Checklists. Many of the form fields will be dropdowns with choices like “yes/no”, “safe/not safe”, “pass/fail” etc. But, there may be times where the person performing the inspection checklist will want to add a note or even attach photos. Instead of having to manually create a notes and attachment field to go along with every dropdown, it would be great to have some type of “advanced form component” where you drag and drop it to your task, and it includes the option to provide a note or attachment for that specific form field. The form field would also be able to be a short text, long text, dropdown, whatever you’d like.

This could also be valuable for other use cases as well… really anything where someone might want to add additional notes or provide an attachment to go along with their answer.

I’m providing some screenshots from another SaaS company that focuses primarily on safety inspection checklists. I think adding some of this functionality to your platform would be awesome.

In the screenshots, you will see that the notes and attachment option are optional, and only become visible when clicked, or if something is provided (out of the box show/hide conditional logic built in).

Also, on their “dropdown options” they also have the option to present in a “button format”, which is really nice especially for people accessing the checklist on mobile. Less clicks when running through a checklist. Just one press to choose the option and move on.


Thanks Brian, great suggestion!
We’ve got some rough ideas drawn up on this for a workflow component library, so it’s nice to hear your use case and needs.
I’ll pass this don’t the rest of the team.
Thanks, Ellie

So after an extensive trial period of testing Process Street in my organization, I have committed to implementing our processes in PS. I have tested some competitors and would like to begin by praising you for making an awesome process workflow tool! That being said, I would like to request some improvements that would help me, but hopefully also others:

Improvements for teams app:
I plan on keeping most of my employees in the teams app, rather than the full experience for simplicity and educational reasons. I am finding the app to be reliable but would love to see some improvements.

  • Workflow run url for teams app.
    The url given will always open the process street in the browser. I have found a solution to rebuild the url (using the awesome AI task tool) to create the microsoft teams path, but would love to see it as a separate variable for every workflow run.

  • More microsoft teams views.
    The inbox is the most essential of course, but I would like that the teams app is able to view filter tabs (upcoming and commented on tabs) as well as the ability to browse pages (via link) directly from Teams. In general, I hope you continue to develop the simplistic teams view further, it’s an awesome part of your product!

A last sidenote, my teams app is logging me out occasionally. Don’t know if it’s a bug (or if we would need some SSO or something)?


  • Data set connections to form fields (as in workflows). It would be great to have the same linked dropdown ability in Forms since they would require less maintaining over time.

Workflow forms

  • Option to allow user entries to multichoice fields. Today, an admin has to provide the options, but if the users could be allowed to enter missing values to the multichoice fields it would be a lot more dynamic. In some cases, this can be resolved by using data sets, however there is currently not and option to use a multichoice field for data sets.

  • Conditional logic to compare dates. In many cases I want to compare different dates when creating conditional logic in my workflows. For example, the option to validate a date can only be set to a fixed date.

  • Embed datasets. Would be great to be able to insert a readonly preview of a saved data set view in the workflow.

Keep up the great work and thanks for hearing me out!


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Hey Daniel, firstly thanks, and great to have you here in the community!

We’ve noted these feature requests, and I’ll take a look at the logout issue you’re experiencing in Teams and raise a bug if needed, I’ll confirm if it is.

As a new customer, we’d really appreciate it if you could spare a few minutes to chat with me about your onboarding experience. Calendly - Ellie Mahoney

Thanks again & welcome! :slight_smile:

This is shared by Alex Brunner!

Feature request:
Introduce a time picker inside the date picker and introduce the 24h time format

Many of my processes are using date and time values.
Most of the time I have to set a time in combination with the date.

I’m fine with picking the date. But entering the time is just horrible.

I’m used to have a time picker available in all of the applications, I normally use.

Please integrate a time picker - whether it is just a dropdown or a pretty comfortable one like this one: ngx-material-timepicker

All is better than having the current textbox where you also need to enter am or pm.

Hi again,

On the subject of the “logout” issue, I have been in contact with the support team and they answered that the application is set to log out as a security measure.

Thus, I would like to add it as a feature request, to be able to stay authenticated for a longer period of time. The current setting is a bit annoying since I can’t stay logged in even for a week.

Best regards,