What would you want to see from Process Street in 2021?

Here’s your time to shine! What do you want to see from Process Street in the coming year? This can be personal, or for us here at Process Street.

Let us know if there is a specific feature you want, or if you just want to do more in Process Street in 2021!

I would love to see “Formulas” fields similar to Crystal Reports Formula Fields. This would be so powerful. It would be so nice to compute a formula and place it anywhere on our checklist. If you do this, it would place you so far above the competition.


That’s an awesome idea!

You can do a version of that currently by using Zapier, triggering off of a task being checked after the respective form fields are filled, calculating in Zapier, and then updating other form fields back in the original checklist with the outputs.

However, it would be nice to have this built-in!

Yes, that’s possible with Zapier, but there is a delay that slows down the process.

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Would love the following:

  • Date form fields as variables in run checklist link.

  • The ability to duplicate a conditional logic rule (I often will do a rule that says if “field 1” says x then show “y” and another rule that says if “field 1” says “x” then hide “z” so being able to duplicate the rule would save me time instead of having to create the rule again just to change the show/hide and object.)

  • The ability to use less than or more than a number as a trigger in conditional logic. (Example, if text field is <1978 then show x).

  • HTML in the send email form (or at least the ability to add a hyperlink).

  • What Walt said about a formula field would be amazing. Even if not full on formulas, the ability to do basic calculations in Process St would be fantastic (Example: add/subtract/multiply/divide text fields by each other).


I fully agree, definitely would be nice to have faster calculations!

Sam, I can tell you’re a Super User. These are all things that I and others who use Process Street everyday want as well!

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I’m pretty new to it but really trying to use it to its full potential. Any projected timeframe for date forms as variables in run checklist link and HTML in send email form? I think those are my two most limiting items for what I am trying to do.

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Hey there Sam!

Both of these are items on our list of feature requests that we are tracking. Between the two, the HTML email functionality is typically a higher priority.

In both cases though, they are not immediately on our roadmap so I don’t have a firm estimate.

You can send HTML email using Zapier though, so I would suggest going that route if you are stuck.

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