Feedback: Stay logged in (for a longer period of time)

I have been working with process street for a while now and we are currently setting up a lot of important workflows for our organisation.
We are very happy with the setup so far, with one small issue; we are constantly required to log in!

I can remain authenticated for a couple of days maximum (not exactly sure how long). I can understand that it is a security measure, but I find the current setting rather annoying since I can’t even complete one week of work without having to sign in again. Since I have been in the business of designing SaaS on my own, I do know that these settings often are customisable to some extent?

FYI, I am using the “Sign in with Microsoft” option for my account, but in my experience it doesn’t matter if I am using a separate password for my account, I still can’t stay authenticated.

I would like to be able to extend the authentication period somehow, either via organisation settings or some workaround via your support team.

As said in the beginning, our team is very pleased working in Process Street and would like to be able to expand our workflows even further!