How to easily manage & reassign tasks using Groups as roles

Does this ever happen to you?

  • An employee is going on a looong 1-month leave, another employee else has to temporarily take over their tasks during their absence, and someone has to reassign all the current and future tasks from the inbox until the employee returns.
  • An employee in the company is leaving, the new employee has to take over all the current tasks in the inbox, and an Editor has to update all relevant Workflow in order to change the task pre-assignments from one specific user to another.

Did you know that you can use “Groups” as an individual role for easier task management?

  • You can create different roles in the “Groups” setting. For example, “HR Manager”.
  • Then, pre-assign this specific group to tasks in your Workflow.
  • If an employee is going into a long absence: Temporarily add another Member to the Group.
  • If an employee is leaving the company: Replace the user with another Member in the Group.

Here’s a 4-min video explaining this.

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I’m a huge fan of using group assignments :+1: The kinda hidden ability to transfer tasks to someone new using groups is such a bonus.