How to prevent an approver from editing the approving tasks

This may be a bit of play with words, but let me see if I can explain this in a simplest way. :sweat_smile:

Task permission basically decides who has access to the particular task - the user can view and edit the data.

Approval Task will pull data from the approving task. So the approver needs task permission for the tasks they are approving. However, this means that the approver not only can view, but also edit the data in the approving task.


What if you want to prevent the approver from editing the data in the approving task?

All you have to do is add another approval task! :nerd_face:

Here’s a 6-min video explaining how this works and the setup.

Summary actions:

  • Add a new approval task AFTER the approving task
  • Name the new approval task something simple and straightforward - for example “Click approve to submit Task 1 for approval”
  • Assign the new approval task to the person assigned to the approving task
  • Set task permission to the person assigned to the approving task (not the approver)

Love this solution! It also provides a way for the person submitting the information to double check their work before sending it off for approval. :white_check_mark: :+1:


@Brenda_Chan this is brilliant! And @beth that is a perfect use case. You could name that first approval something like “check your work and submit.”