How we onboard customers here at Process Street

Here’s a great video showing how we use a mixture of tools to onboard customers at Process Street:

We start from our CRM (Salesforce) and use a Checklist run link with variables, to pull certain data from the CRM into our new checklist.

We add more details into the checklist as we’re working on it, create tasks in Salesforce straight from the checklist, create new opportunities, or whatever we need, which are all sent back into Salesforce once we’ve finished, completing the loop.

We’ve used a couple of simple integrations via Zapier to set this up.

Let us know if you have any questions about this, or if you’ve got some tips and tricks for your onboarding systems that you’d like to share!

How do you use Process Street to onboard your customers?

We use several Process Street checklists to help us onboard clients. There’s one long overall checklist that takes us internally through all the steps we need to do. Some of those steps include getting info from the client, so we put a run link in our checklist to smaller checklist/forms that our clients fill out. We run the checklist and give the new client a share link to them.

Currently we’re not using any automation to take this info into different systems because we don’t onboard new clients very often, but we do use a lot of automation in our day to day checklists for processing and publishing audio files.

Once our clients go through the trial process we use to start them off, and if they become ongoing clients with us long term, we give them guest user access to our Process Street account so we can collaborate on the productions we make for them.

We always do a quick intro with them to show them how to navigate Process Street, but I’d love to start giving them some material to take with them after that intro to help them retain what we went over in the initial orientation. Always a work in progress :slight_smile:


Hey Paula, and welcome to the community!

This sounds like a great set up and as you said it’s a work in progress so you can always add features and automations as you need them.

We do have some help documents that you can share with guests and new members, which helps point out some of the key things they need to know when starting off using Process Street, what the terminology is and how to set up their user profiles.

I hope you/they find these useful:

Using Process Street as a Guest
Using Process Street as a Member

We’re also working on adding lots more “how to” videos in our YouTube channel, so if you have any ideas on what you’d like to see in there, please let us know :slight_smile: