Our New Workflow Dashboard is Here!

Hello Community! :wave: I’m excited to announce that we’re starting to roll out our latest feature, Workflow Dashboard! Some of you on our Beta program may have already had a sneak peek :wink:

Think of this as your new workflow control center, a place to track and improve your workflow’s performance, and help onboard new team members into Process Street, all under one roof.

You can review your workflow’s active runs, analytics data, activity log, connected automations, your assignments, and explore all the running options!

Learn more about Workflow Dashboard here and please drop any feedback or suggestions you might have, in a reply below.


Calling out that we’re rolling this out in batches of organizations, 25% today (in case you can’t see it yet) 50% Thursday and we should be at full rollout by Wednesday next week. If you want access sooner please let us know :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello! Thanks for continually updating Process Street! Can you tell me how the average time is calculated? Is it for a workflow run from start to completion?

Hello! Yes, this is the average time to complete a workflow run since it was created.

Hi Monica, Thanks for your response. When I’m in our Employee Training Workflow Runs, I have manually calculated the time it takes from start to finish and it is about 6 1/2 months. Our average time completed is showing 22 hours.

Is this for all workflows, or just the Employee Training Checklist?

Hi Laurie, every workflow dashboard shows data for only that specific workflow. In this case, this data is for your Employee training checklist. If you’d like to get to the bottom of this, you can reach out to our support team.

Hi @lhajekjones,
Can you elaborate? I have workflows that take minutes and others that take weeks :smiley:
Bryan deSilva

Sure, Bryan, We have a new employee training workflow that takes between 4-9 months to complete, the average being about 6.5 months. This is one new employee touching on everything they need to learn once. The workflow contains 162 tasks, while the longest workflow run is 122 tasks (conditional logic is built in to account for different positions and a number of other factors).
So, currently, our training workflow says it takes an average time of 1 hr. 59 min. on our dashboard. That’s terribly inaccurate. I am interested in seeing what is the source data. This would be a nice feature if it were accurate. It has never worked on our reports analytics, either. Am I missing something?



Hi Laurie,
I agree with @monica.t , that doesn’t sound right. I’ve not played with or validated anything on the dashboard since the upgrade. I’d reach out to support to troubleshoot.
Bryan deSilva