Set an organization-wide timezone for your global teams

You can now set an organization timezone that triggers workflow runs and due dates as per a standard timezone.

Whether you have a remote team or a global one, you can make sure they receive consistent deadlines.

If a user has set a profile timezone, they will still receive inbox and email notifications and see their task due dates in their timezone.

If you have already set up an organization timezone, comment below for any feedback, suggestions, or questions.

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Great addition! Question - I’ve used the new email form feature to auto-send the email upon task completion in a few workflows now. When I put a timestamp variable in the email, the automation puts time time in the sent email as UTC. Does this change that behavior to put the timestamp in the email as the company time zone instead of UTC?

Hi Trevor! Great question - that is right, currently, the date and time are sent as UTC, but we are working on having the date and time sent as displayed on the email widget which should follow the organization timezone.

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Glad to hear it, thanks!