Strange value being filled in dropdown selection?

We have a behavior whereby a string of jibberish appears as the value in a dropdown selection on the completed version of a form. When one goes to fill out and/or edit the form there is no such value, only the choices we added to the dropdown. Here’s the the screenshot of the other form (the forum only allows one picture attachment) Screenshot by Lightshot

We’ve seen this occur twice so far, with 2 different forms.
Both were dropdown questions, both were required, both had hide logic applied to them and both had automations to send a slack notifications attached to their task number. Anyone ever seen anything like this before?

hi @cduval04 and welcome to the community! Could you please email us directly at

Are you using the Slack app by any chance? We did have an bug that was causing this behaviour with users using the slack app but that was resolved yesterday.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing this issue.