Docusign integration feedback

Hello, I’ve been using the Docusign integration in my workflows to send my users a contract when they check off a task. I’ve found that every couple of months, the integration errors out and won’t run, causing me to add the Docusign account again and redo the integration. I’ve asked Process Street Help if I’m doing this wrong, and they told me this “just happens” every few months and you need to set it up again. They recommended also setting up an automation to send myself a Slack alert for the same task so I know to go in and check that the Docusign sent. To me, this makes the Docusign integration unusable because I’m spending more time re-doing it every couple of months, and I can’t trust that it will run properly. Any update on this - is someone working on a fix?


@Stephanie this is really valuable feedback. I have passed it along to our product team!

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Apologies for the issue you are seeing with the Docusign automation. I am going to dig a little deeper to see what other options we have to improve the experience. I will reach out as soon as I have anything to report back.

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