⚡️ How to use Process Street API to find Data Set Record using a value via Power Automate

Hey Process Streeters! Did you know that Process Street has API endpoints for Data Sets? Check them out here. You can list Data Set records based on a Data Set, get the Data Set record based on the Record ID, and more.

In a Workflow Run, when you have a dropdown connected to a Data Set, the user will need to select an option from the list to pull the corresponding information based on the Data Set.

If you want to automate this, Power Automate can automatically reference a value from another application (e.g. an employee email), then look through the Data Set records and pull the corresponding information (e.g. Manager’s email, department, etc) before populating it in the Workflow Run - this skips the need the user to select from the dropdown options.

Check out the following video with the detailed setup of the integration.