Update existing data record

I’m trying to set up a process that allows someone to update a data record that already exists.

For an easy example lets say Cindy has been at the company for four years. Her information is in the data set already. Now she changed her phone number which means it needs updating. I want to create a workflow that will update this information.

Information will be updated a bit more regularly than an employee data base. The example is just the simplest way I can think of explaining my need. Everything I see needs a Record ID, which seems to come from a created record in the same work flow which doesn’t help for this.

Is there a way to get this done? Or will it have to be manual?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Kiyla,

I understand your challenge with updating existing data records in Process Street. It’s been a while since I have worked on such a scenario. However, here are a few suggestions that might help:

  1. Create a Dropdown Field Linked to the Employee Data Set:
  • Try setting up a dropdown field in your workflow that links to your existing employee data set. This way, when you need to update Cindy’s phone number, you can select her record from the dropdown. Then you can grab the data set ID. After selecting the record, you can pre-populate other fields based on the data set.
  1. Use Automation to Update the Data Set:
  • Once you have made updates, you might be able to use automations on completion of the workflow to update the fields. This automation can then ensure the data set is updated accordingly. Check Process Street’s automation features for more details on setting this up. I am not sure if this type of operation is supported.
  1. Integrate with Zapier:
  • If Process Street’s native features don’t fully meet your needs, consider using Zapier. Zapier can bridge between Process Street and your data management system, automating the update process. This can significantly reduce manual intervention and ensure your records are always up-to-date.

Hi Shaheed,

I was trying avoiding Zapier as the data set is inside process street not another data management system.

I appreciate the clear suggestions thank you,

I think it might be possible to avoid Zapier based on my reading of this:

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