Feature Request: Option to set default Member in Members widget

Hey team,

We are using the Members widget more heavily in our workflows lately and I would like the ability to specify a default Member for each instance of a Members field.

I like that I can use the Members field to insert Members names OR email addresses as needed. However, if I need a “Member” to be set by default for assigning subsequent tasks, my only option now is to use the Email (address) widget, which does allow us to set a default value. That is helpful, but then if I also need to use the name of the member belonging to that email address, I have to also provide a separate Text widget and specify the default Name there. If I had the option to specify a default Member, I 1) eliminate a field, 2) eliminate the chance of a task assignee failing to update them both to match if they change, and 3) eliminate the chance of mistyping a name or email address.


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Hey Trevor, thanks for your suggestion. I’ve taken this to our product team.

Going forward, to ensure that your feedback and feature requests reach us directly, may I request you to post them as a reply to this ongoing thread- Feature Requests for 2024!