Using the Roles Feature?

Hello, I’ve been looking on the Process Street Blog and YouTube - and I’m not finding any articles or videos on using the Roles feature. Does anyone have a good resource for this?
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Hey Jaqueline, thanks for reaching out.

We are working on a YouTube video for this feature which will be released shortly, however you can find all the help on setting up and using features such as Role Assignments, in our Knowledge Base:

Here’s the main site if you want to bookmark it:

You can also click the blue Help button in the app at any point to access this information too.

Hope this helps, but do let me know if you have any more questions after reading the help article.

Thanks, Ellie

I just learned how to use this feature myself and it is a life saver!


It’s a great feature isn’t it :slight_smile: Are you using the members field, email or checklist creator?

Yes! Haha. I use members field when its assigning tasks to my team. I use the email field when I assign to my clients who are guest users (used to do this by hand) so much better with Roles! And I’m pretty sure I used the checklist creator field at some point for something. I just can’t remember at the moment.


Awesome! Sounds like you’ve been making the most out of using it :slight_smile: